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Icom AIS ontvanger

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Dual Channel Receive Capability
The MXA-5000 receives both Ch. 87B (161.975MHz) and Ch. 88B (162.025MHz) simultaneously. This dual channel receive makes the MXA-5000 more flexible for obtaining AIS information from AIS transponders that operate on only one channel. In addition, the MXA-5000 also receives both Class A and Class B AIS data.

Dual Mode Data Output
The MXA-5000 has two data output. One is RS-422 for connection with equipment such as marine radar or GPS chartplotter. Those equipments which accept the VDM sentence format will show the AIS data on the display. The second is RS-232C for PC connection. When using with AIS plotter software*, the MXA-5000 allows you to monitor other vessel traffic on your PC. * Not supplied from Icom.

Built-in Antenna Splitter to Share One Antenna
The MXA-5000 can be installed between a VHF antenna and a VHF radio. While receiving a VHF radio signal, the MXA-5000 receives AIS data. When you transmit from the connected VHF radio, the Tx signal bypasses the MXA-5000 to protect the Internal circuit.

GPS Data Multiplex
When connected a GPS receiver to the MXA-5000, GPS position information such as RMC, GGA, GNS and GLL formats can be multiplexed with AIS data (VDM format) and simplifies wiring.

Compact Size and Light Weight Body
The MXA-5000 is only 132(W)×34(H)×155(D)* mm and weighs only 400g* for easy and flexible installation.

What is AIS?
Icom’s MXA-5000 AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver will pick up real-time transmissions from vessels that use an AIS transponder. Such transponders are now required for SOLAS vessels by SOLAS regulations.


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Manufacturer Icom
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